Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR TG 275
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The TG275 is the first FLIR camera specifically designed for the automotive maintenance and repair professional. Featuring IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement), this diagnostic tool combines non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging to help you quickly find the source of heat-related problems and spot potential faults early. Use the TG275 to record before and after images of repairs so you can reassure customers that the problem has been found and fixed. Affordable and easy to use, the TG275 is ideal for troubleshooting issues related to batteries, relays and switches, exhaust manifolds, AC condensers, drive train components, and much more. KEY FEATURES: ◆ Unique combination of IR, High Temp Filter and IR Thermometer ◆ Ideal for Automotive Industries ◆ True Thermal 160x120 image (19,200) ◆ MSX® two camera technology for superior images and Visual Camera mode ◆ Temperature range – 25˚ to 550˚C ◆ Laser pointer to guide temperature measurement ◆ Spotmeter (1:30) for center spot measurement ◆ LED Floodlight ◆ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to easily move images to mobile devices ◆ 2.4” Display ◆ Profesional reporting with Flir Tools® (Limitation WYSIWYG, no image post processing) ◆ 4 GB image Storage Capacity, up to 50,000 pictures ◆ Rugged design, IP54 enclosure protects from dirt, dust, oil EACH UNIT INCLUDES WITH: ◆ Thermal camera ◆ Printed Documentation ◆ Wrist Strap Lanyard ◆ USB A to USB C cable ◆ Carry Pouch

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