Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR TG267
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OVERVIEW: The FLIR TG267 takes you beyond the limitations of single-spot IR thermometers to both see and evaluate the hot and cold spots that can indicate serious issues. Ideal for commercial electrical, facility maintenance, and HVAC applications, this advanced thermal camera with a brilliant 2.4 inch screen reduces diagnostic time while simplifying repair and maintenance reporting. Patented FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement improves image clarity by embossing visual scene details on full thermal images KEY FEATURES: ◆ IR Resolution 160 × 120 pixels (Double resolution from TG165-X/TG165/TG167), menghasilkan gambar yg sangat tajam DGN HARGA TERJANGKAU ◆ Contact-measurement readings with the included Type-K thermocouple up to 260°C ◆ Interested? Please don't hesitate to call us @022-7106162 ◆ Identify the exact area that you’re measuring using the bullseye laser pointer ◆ Diagnose problems faster with FLIR-patented MSX image enhancement ◆ Display and capture thermal or visual images with temperature readings ◆ OR wa us @0811-210-6162 / Telegram us @dutapersada2 ◆ Compare before-and-after stored images with FLIR Tools® software to demonstrate the problem and your fix SPECs: ◆ Temperature Range: -25°C to 380°C ◆ Field of View: 57° x 44° ◆ Minimum Focus Distance: Thermal: 0.3 m ◆ Interested? Please don't hesitate to call us @022-7106162 ◆ Image Frequency: 8.7 Hz ◆ Spectral Range: 8μm - 14μm ◆ 320 × 240 pixel, 2.4" Display (Color) ◆ OR wa us @0811-210-6162 / Telegram us @dutapersada2 ◆ Storage: Internal memory, with storage capacity: ±50,000 image ◆ Operating time 5 hours continuous scanning, 4.5 hours with laser on EACH UNIT INCLUDES WITH: ◆ FLIR TG267 ◆ Wrist strap lanyard ◆ USB A to USB C cable ◆ Carry Pouch ◆ K Type Thermocouple ◆ Printed documentation

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