RNF15 Super Nitrile Chemical Glove
IDR 26,000


Office Supplies - Personal Protective Equipment : Pelindung Lutut dan Siku


: 1000


: Pair

Lead Time

: 1 - 3 Hari


Features and benefits Nitrile gloves is a chemical resistant glove is manufactured from acrylonitrile butadiene compound with proven durability against solvents, oil, fats and bleaching chemical agents. Applications Car and Automobile components assembly and manufacturing, suspension manufacturing, industrial chemical processing, newspaper printing industries, oil refineries, automotive paint shop, lacquer, battery manufacturing, horticulture, pesticides handling, agriculture, laboratory testing, environmental waste clean up, air compressor manufacturing, degreasing, leather tanning, glue manufacturing, janitorial. Material Nitrile Type Flocklined Length (mm) 330+/-10 Thickness (mm) 0.40 +/- 0.03 Color Green EN388 4101x

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