Fire Blanket FB218 1,2X1,8M
IDR 210,000


Office Supplies - Personal Protective Equipment : APAR


: 30


: Pcs

Lead Time

: 1 - 3 Hari


VPRO FIRE BLANKET FB218 FB218 – 1.2m x 1.8m Made from specially woven continuous filament glass fabric, coated on both sides with white silicone elastomer. The blankets are suitable for smothering fires caused by burning fats or oils, volatile liquids and most forms of burning materials merely by cutting off the supply of oxygen, also, by wrapping around persons, burning clothing can be extinguished. The weight of the material is approximately 540 grams per square meter. Application Ideal for use throughout industry, in laboratories, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The smaller sizes are extremely suitable for use in the home, in boats, caravans, cars, etc.

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