Baterai VRLA 12 V 200 AH Amaron Quanta
IDR 8,143,000
Amaron Quanta


Operational Equipment - Mechanical & Electrical : Komponen Kelistrikan ,Perkakas Listrik
IT Hardware - Technology & Communication : UPS & Stabilizer


: 1000


: Buah

Lead Time

: 3 - 7 Hari


Amaron Quanta 200AH BATTERY VRLA Battery 12AL200 Features: PPCP Containers with low permeability ensures that there is no water loss. Lead Acid Storage Type @ C20 Rating Proven AGM technology ensures maintenance-free characteristics. Reinforced end walls improve impact resistance. Thicker grids and higher separator compression prolong life expectancy. Inter cell weld between cells provide a high reliable, low resistance current path. A unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life in tropical environments. Radgrid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high discharge performance. Instacharge a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance. Low self-discharge rates for extended storage periods. Conforms to International standards – JIS8702C. Design float life of 10 years. Clean and Sleek looks. Applications: Data Centers Online UPS Inverter Systems Banks & Financial Markets Network Operation Centers Semiconductor Manufacturing Power Generation Plants Hospital & Testing Laboratories Portable Testing & Measuring Instruments Vending machines & Weighing Scales Office Automation Equipment Fire Alarm & Security Systems Electronic PABX Systems Telecommunication Systems Process Instrumentation & Control Railway Signalling Power Plants & Substations

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